Little Lambs Learning Center | Preschool and Toddler Care

Located at 802 Maple Grove Road in Duluth, Minnesota

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Parent Handbook

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Little Lambs Learning Center at Shepherd of the Hills offers:

  • Christ-centered early childhood education for toddlers (16-33 mo.) and preschool age children (33 mo.-5 yrs.)
  • Qualified, caring teachers
  • Strong emphasis on partnering with the families we serve
  • Hands-on, active learning through developmentally appropriate activities
  • Kindergarten readiness in the 4-5 year old room.
  • Licensed by the State of Minnesota/Minnesota Department of Health and Human Services

Philosophy of Education

We believe that children are a trust from God.  To keep and protect that trust, we first provide them with an increasing knowledge of their Savior in a safe, loving, and warm environment.  We then work to stimulate social and academic growth through open-ended learning experiences such as guided exploration, hands-on activities, and teacher modeling. We also believe that children have individual needs and varying abilities that are not based solely on age.  Therefore, the Shepherd’s Little Lambs Preschool program works to meet each child at his own level, which builds upon the child’s strengths. Finally, we believe that any successful early childhood program is based on a close working relationship with the families that it serves.  We encourage and welcome family involvement, as it is an essential and vital component in the learning process.


Spiritual Growth

  1. Know that Jesus loves them.
  2. Learn that Jesus is their Savior from sin.
  3. Learn about God in Bible stories, prayers, and songs.

Physical Growth

  1. Appreciate likenesses and differences in one another.
  2. Observe simple health and safety procedures.
  3. Develop small and large motor control /coordination.

Intellectual Growth

  1. Learn that their abilities are gifts from God.
  2. Practice and enjoy their disposition to learn.
  3. Make and express choices, plans, and decisions.
  4. Experience using different materials in many ways.Increased development of language skills (emergent reading/writing skills and concepts).
  5. Increased development of math, science and social skills.
  6. Increased appreciation of music and the arts.

Social-Emotional Growth

  1. Grow in their ability to interact with peers, adults, and their environment.
  2. Experience success in working and playing individually and cooperatively.
  3. Grow in Christian love, respect, and empathy.

Our curriculum is theme-based, allowing teacher and student to explore the subject areas of mathematics, language, science, art, music and physical education in a free and open learning experience.  Currently we follow the Creative Curriculum by Diane Trister Dodge.

Program Hours

Half Day Options (8:30-11:30):

□ 2 Days/Week $125/month
□ 3 Days/Week $165/month

Full Day Options (7:30-5:30):

Preschool Toddler Care
□ 2 Days/Week $345/month $370/month
□ 3 Days/Week $505/month $540/month
□ 5 Days/Week $820/month $880/month

*Rates may change according to program discretion.  Should this occur, it will be posted here in a timely manner and registrants will be informed.

For more information or questions that you may have about the preschool, please call 218-206-6264 or email and type “preschool” in the subject line.  If you leave your name and address we will be happy to mail you our handbook, program plan, and a registration form.  Thank you!